Milk bone brand chewy dog treats are a new favorite in my house. My dogs absolutely love them. Milk Bone is a well known and trusted brand. Milk Bon offers a variety of treats for dogs, from the traditional dog biscuit, original treats, made with real bone marrow, and chewy treats, that are made with two times more meat than other ” steak ” treats.

These Milk Bone brand chewy treats come in a variety of flavors like Special Recipe Beef Steaks, Steak and Cheesers, Filet Mignons treats, and chicken drumsticks. The treats are shaped like steak, chicken legs, or whatever flavor you have. Each treat is a generous size, and Milk Bone treats make a great snack, or reward for your dog.

Milk Bone chewy treats are a decent quality treat, and inexpensive at less than four dollars per bag. When compared to Ol’ Roy brands line of treats or many of the other popular treats on the market. Milk Bone treats are a good value, and a good quality. I would say the Milk Bone brand is one of the best brands that you can buy without going to the pet store for treats.

As a training reward the original small milk bone treats are ideal. Dogs love them, as they are made with real bone marrow. The treats are small enough for puppies when training , when they are old enough for hard treats. Also the size is easy for transporting for training sessions.

Milk Bone also offers oral care treats such as long lasting chews and bones. These are great as part of your dogs oral care line. A treat like this is also ideal for the high mantainence dog who has separation issues, as the oral care bones are long lasting, and dogs love the flavor, it is sure to keep your dog occupied for a while.

If you are looking for another great dental treat, I would also recommend Iams dental treats, they are another great addition to your dental care regimen for your dog.

Milk Bone also offers some great products for your pet such as a ceramic cookie jar style dog bone treat container, designed with paw prints . Also you can get engraved milk bone identification tags for one dollar and two upc codes. Check out the website for more details.

I recommend Milk Bone Brand Chewy dog treats as a snack or reward for your dogs. They are a good value, and dogs really love them.

Milk Bone Dog Treats Review

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